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I guess that little break wasn’t so little hehehe I am well OVER busting my c4s record as you guys bust your credit cards and your losers loads hahahaha you must have all been sooo very lonely on xmas and the last few days because sales were RIDICULOUS! Holding it down at #11!!! I woke up this morning with already 97 purchases and I haven’t even posted the 2 new clips

I am so pleased with sales hahaha I couldnt be happier. The BF and I are working on the new store its up but now we are working on uploading all of our old clips and some new stuff. You might just pass out from this hahaha. We are spending New Years at the hot tub spa probably in Seattle which should be fun Im not really one of those party people who stands in the cold with drunk people watching a little fireworks show HOW LAME lol I would much rather spend some quiet time alone with my man.After our little sex fest thats been going on since xmas morning I am walking weird now hahahaha I need a rest LOL He is putting my pole up in the living room today woooot!

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