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You know I couldnt go without dropping off some new shit and saying goodbye to 2009. I went through alot in my personal life this past year as some of you know from little chats and my private blog post and I am looking forward to growing as a person in the year to come. I have madezero mistakes in 2009 everything I did was just a stepping stone. I have a very bright future planned and I usually get what I want so I am sure everything will work out well. I have made a list of goals and things I want to accomplish for the new year. Im a super hard worker as you can tell lol so theres alot I want to get done. I have switched gears completely and my main focus this year was managing my c4s stores and man did that fucking pay off! Call me what you want say whatever you like but my checks dont hear you haters lol  I hate sitting at the computer chopping it up on yahoo to a bunch of idiots who have no intentions of paying I have a life and it does not consist of sitting in front of the computer talking all day and I HATE CAM SHOWS BUT I love luring the boys in with all my amazing clips and they are just going to keep getting better. SOOOOO excited! I cant explain how much fun I had on c4s this past year

I have created a brand new yahoo messenger which I will be giving out to those deserving and I will be using my other yahoo (thegoddesstierra) For whenever I decide to log in for cam which is NEVER so don’t get your hopes up hahaha If you didnt get me an xmas gift or didnt even bother to stop by and say hello then dont be looking for an email with my new yahoo addy hahahaha pretty much everyone’s getting cut except for those of you who made my XMAS amazing you all know who you are!

I have heard mixed reviews about the whole c4s membersite thing BUT Im going to give it a try this year. I would much rather keep everything together anyways I hardly ever update my website it is nicely built and I still get lots of traffic there but my c4s store is visited way more why not just do the membersite there and give it a try huh? So that’s what I will also be doing in the next few days. Which means fun cam shows and things for members yea I will do cam there for sure but on my terms and doing what I want 🙂

The man and I spent a few hours working on some clips hahahaha some never got finished because we got "caught up" in the middle of filming so we turned the cam off hahaha but we managed to knock out 2 1/2 I will have to edit the 1/2 clip down because it got out of control LOL I also made some clips for my main store  to celebrate the new year!

and have fun with this one hahahaha my man and I both humiliate your sorry excuse for a dick mmm just wait till I get him to take his shirt off for a clip Im sure your manhood will be crushed just from the site LOL

Thats coming tomorrow afternoon!

I kinda rambled through this blog it is new years eve and of course i have plans. We have dinner reservations downtown at 10:30 overlooking the water and then we are going to ring in the new years on the waterfront together…alone 🙂 Im so ready for 2010 I hope everyone has a great safe night!

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