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Monthly Archives: December 2009

I wasnt lying about renting a uhaul hahaha

My 7 1/2ft tree looks way small with all this stuff under it now hahaha
Sadly, I am too busy to open these right now I gotta unpack all of my stuff from storage and because of Linweezy I found all my pole dancing DVD’s and my pole extension fuck high ceilings Im putting my pole up in my bedroom tonight!!!!

Im up up way to damn early….and the news is on *yawn* Today I am going to pick up all my xmas gifts from the post office 70 miles away fuck I cant wait to get all my mail switched over to where I am living now. I ended up having to rent a UHAUL cargo van to pick everything up because all the 100+ boxes are not fitting in the G35 coupe I love that car I thought I looked hot jumping out of the charger with my leather jacket and stiletto boots you havent seen shit yet till I hop out of this sexy ass car but its definitely not a car to drive right now. I found that out the hard way when it was snowing just a little and I didnt think I was going to make it home. My charger is parked in the garage for winter so I dont fuck up my shiny big rims and Im also hoping to sell it. Cant wait till someone cashes out on that. Considering a slave basically paid for the entire car last November and rims 2 months ago, all of the money I make off of it will be PURE PROFIT… damn these gifts just keep giving dont they hahaha I will pretty much be gone all day DRIVING 140 miles round trip ick I absolutely hate this drive but hey I am coming back with a buttload of gifts so I guess that makes things a little easier. While I am out there I will also be picking up the remainder of my things from storage from when I lived out there and taking care of some much needed paper work Im hoping for this to be one of my last trips to this place! The house I was building out there that project is a lost deal I gave the property back to the people I got it from and collected a nice little check for the building materials and just left it as a lesson learned. I will NEVER EVER build like this again! On to the new shit…

I know lots of tits the last few days ahhhhhhhh but I had to haha

I am so annoyed with my hair right now ughhhh this grow out process is so annoying the back is growing fast but its growing into this flip thing and I am soooo sick of it that Im just going to probably cut it again I cant be walking around like this hahaha besides I like my invert bob anyways so I guess its coming back 🙂

and ummmm yea this pole vid is hot hahaha
I’ve always been humble and for the most part I keep to myself but today Im going to address a little haterism and jealous bitches. I "hear" people are talking about how much a financial domme I am not being for producing so many clips on the daily and for the record gossiping to other slaves is quite pathetic….Im just doing what everyone else is doing and racking in cash but of course Im getting singled out because certain people just cant keep their eyes off me…I know the way I wrap the male mind into my little web- I am fascinating but fuck! Back when I was making a killing off ebanned I was singled out as "not being a domme" because i sell my worn clothing BUT NOW EVERYBODY IS DOING IT! I swear if more of you girls paid more attention to your own damn business you would probably make a killing off losers! I am not in competition with anyone and I pretty much get along with everyone so when I hear people running their mouths its disturbing especially people who smile in my face and pretend to be nice to me – I dont need you to pretend to be nice to me…. I actually ENJOY making clips everyday and fucking losers up making them spend their entire paychecks in my store if thats not part of financial domination for everyone then I dont know what the fuck is. I make a fucking killing at clips are you jealous that its that easy for me? Are you jealous that I dont have to chase around cheap fuckers and liars? Are you upset because I am so comfortable in front of the cam I naturally am good at this? Are you jealous that I dont have to blackmail people to get what I want? Are you mad because I turn boys from all over the world into zombies, my clips make them weak then they WILLINGLY send me anything and everything? hahaha I know my craft is perfected oh so well that its like magic I literally snap a finger and what I want I get! fuck calm down with the hating its annoying and makes you look insecure! I know a few but not all girls with stores will admit this but running all this shit online IS a business like it or not. Im not ashamed to say my living expenses and home cost me nearly 7k a month and please believe all of that is paid for thanks to my video sales whatever is left over I get to save because my boys pay for everything else! Since October I have had alot of free time since my man is gone which means I am able to produce as many clips as I want everyday but please be sure I will give you haters a break when he returns on christmas then you can get your panties out of your ass and mind your own business. I love my real girls fuck the rest of you hahahahaha later bitches!

*if you feel I am talking to you well…maybe I am

HOORAYYYY! Alright, so its officially been a year since I woke up one morning decided I wanted boobs and then a week later on December 12th 08 I had a new set of 34DD’s thanks to a slutty slutty loser hahaha.I remember waking up in the hospital thinking I needed to go larger LMAO but I think my girls are big enough dont you? lol this is 3 days after surgery so they were still swollen

Everyone makes a big deal about me having fake boobs which is retarded I had very large boobs before I lost 30+lbs go back in my blog or google some of my old modeling images.
I remember being told it would take up to a year for them to drop and that was correct indeed my boobs are just now finally settling into place and I can do push ups again ahhhh I love them oooh so much especially since i didn’t pay for them why would I pass on a free boob job seriously? They have saved AND made me more money than anyone can possibly imagine hahaha It totally flew over my head that today was the day since I have been so busy today SO Im of course going to do a special clip tomorrow for my titty freaks!

hmmm lets see woke up to some bullshit from richard which frankly I am tired of sOoOoOo moral of story richards shrink thinks he should not do what the fuck he said he was going to do so he is GONE finished FOREVER I suggest he never contact me again because I am o so sick of games I mean come on every other sub who has contacted me in the last few years knows I am not one of those Dommes who will put up with bullshit and lies and to have one of my very own disrespect me really just irritates me. I lost track of how long I have been online now since late 06 maybe but I know enough to know how hard it is to actually "own" a slave through the internet. all of my owned boys have been around with me for YEARS. alberto was the last that I actually gave the privilege of being called mine because he has impressed me since day 1. All the other subs are simply that drive by bitches I could give a fuck about I have cared less and less as days go on about "owning" a slave. they all cheat they all lie its like having little fucking wimp boyfriends for crying out loud I dont have time for that shit. Plus its annoying watching girls get jealous and argue over a slutty slave. NEWS FLASH most of them are sluts! No matter how much blackmail info you are going to non consensually use or how tight around your finger you think you may have a slave they are probably slutting around on the low low..they are pathetic men, they have dicks! Im not really interested in owning anyone Im not one of those women who just is going to "own" you over night trust me your going to be busting ass to be accepted as mine. I make enough cash off random boys and video sales that I could give a fuck about a "weekly tribute" etc. HOW ABOUT I FUCK YOU FAST AND THEN YOU CRAWL INTO A HOLE UNTIL YOU CAN PLAY AGAIN K?

anyways sooooo I know you are all wondering what I got you for XMAS……
12 days of Chastity & Tease just wait till you see what I make you do with that key hahaha

and later because making you wait is part of the fun for me…..

Sales are stupendous today as it is everyday I just love when those big fat orders go through now those are how you get my damn attention!

Looks like I am heading back to Hawaii in February! I am so excited I wanted to hit Vegas in January but Hawaii is a whole other story so I am very excited. Last time I got a waterfront hotel on waikiki beach for 4 days then moved to Honolulu for 3 more days at the hotel connected to the mall which was all bad I spent so much money that mall is ridiculous! This time I will be relaxing on the black sandy beaches in Maui It will be my puppies first vacation Im not leaving them with a sitter NO WAY! ahhhhhhhhhh cant fucking wait! Last time I was only supposed to be there for 3 days and ended up staying forever hahaha wasted so much of YOUR cash out there and now its time to do it all over again! Send me these Travelocity giftcards I can use towards my beach front hotel!


dont be shy its just like amazon DO ITTTT! Send to

I dont know how many of you remember my LA trip to shoot with national Magazine SHOW. I call it the blackgirls playboy except its not nude lol anyways I have been waiting waiting to get word on when the issue would drop and today I wake up and a few image sets as well as a few videos from the shoot are on the site and I am WEB GEM of the week YAY!! Im excited it looks like they are only releasing limited content for now since I will be in the January print issue I am so damn excited to finally know when its going to come out!!! The videos on the site are fucking incredible during the shoot the cam guy and I were talking about cams we use to shoot with. The photos and videos are exclusive to show mag so you will have to sign up to the site to be able to see yours truly! I promise you w ont be disappointed! While your there make sure to vote my gallerys with 5 stars

Like I mentioned before you can pick the mag up when it comes out in pretty much any bookstore and most grocery stores I’ve even seen them at 711. I dont know how sales are in the UK and other countries but I plan to pick up a few copies to mail out to my boys signed of course 🙂

I made a little clip on twitvid this morning when I woke up and saw all of this theres a little sneak at whats on the site
Check IT!

anyways I did 2 clips today its weird sales have been steady and nice but im slippping a few spot in the rankings on c4s FUCK THAT keep me up there boys!

Coming later!

alright I am off to go put my lights up outside!! I will be around tonight to play $$$$$GAMES$$$$$ I spent last night wrapping gifts and teasing foot freak don with my magic wands (feet) hehehe

AHHHHH such a lovely time of the year. I know its hard to believe but I spent alot of money on shopping for other people yesterday instead of myself which is why I was not around. Its pretty much my first christmas in my OWN home and my very first tree. I bought a 7 1/2 foot fake tree I never like real trees when I was younger my grandma would always bring home trees that were tied up and when she untied them their were mice in them and I am absolutely terrified of little critters so a fake tree is just perfect for me. I will post a pic of my tree when I finish decorating it. I really do plan to stuff my tree with all of my gifts I am bringing home in a few days from all my boys well some of them because that iMAC im ripping open ASAP and maybe albertos christmas gift when it reaches me but I know thats probably going to be amazing and its one of the few surprise gifts I am getting so I dunnnno. Anyways I am definitely in the christmas spirit! I even had fun wrapping up all the panty perv and foot fetish bois panties and socks that have been purchased over the last few days every package is wrapped up like an xmas gift hehehe although every time I mail stuff I always wrap it in tissue paper and make it seem like a big deal because getting mail from me is a BIG deal!

MY WISHLIST IS FINALLY AT 2500 PURCHASED ITEMS!! YAY!! richard got me there this morning!

hmmmm not much has been going on lately besides me shopping my ass off spending all your money. I got rid of my fake nails yesterday and its weird. Im not used to it yet. My nails are still decently long an will probably grow fast I also got my pedi yesterday which is supposed to be footbitch dons job to take care but hes been awol lately probably not completely accepting the fact hes a FOOT FREAK! hahaha If you arent following me on twitter you miss out and you suck! Get with the times lol I uploaded a little foot teasers from the salon yesterday

Im always posting random pics and sometimes vids on twitter, I will start uploading more random vids I promise FOLLOW ME!

Now its time for the new and coming up clips

This one is up now! PLUS the panties in the clip are $$$FOR SALE LOSER$$$

The last few items I wore in my clips and sold have been sold so here we go bois. $75 contact me at like always first come first served!
I have been having fun with this! Instead of dealing with ebanned bullshit I would actually reccomend selling this way for people who hate ebanned, Just be prepared to be bombarded with emails haha all in all its good shit you set the price and stuff tends to go faster plus with direct sales you cant go wrong.

Now i am off to gather this months bills for the bill bitch hes taking care of Goddess’s bills so I dont have to ooooh so lovely more money for me yay!!! Then maybe I will finish my tree tonight I dunno

Go grab the clips addicts!

I will be on niteflirts tonight lucky lucky you I dunno about cam its not that bright in my bedroom we will see. Its been awhile since I have been on NF I heard of all the problems so lets see if I can get around them all Im eager to rape wallets and destroy egos tonight!


I lied I HATE niteflirts, how about…CAM will be live all day tomorrow by appointment duhh better email me now to schedule because I am sure it will get busy!

My eye sight sucks on all levels today and I am really fed up with sitting at the computer. Yesterday by accident I made 5 clips… its the coffee LOL They are all uploading at different times and my eyes hurt too bad to check the times out ohhh well! Scoop them up! A few are already up.

I’ve been on ULTRA TEASE mode the last few weeks and since I have announced im selling panties again I have been having more and more fun These are SOLD and the panty perv got his own little clip to go along with it…lucky him right??
It will be up in the store Tuesday or sometime in the next 48 hours who knows lol

People keep emailing me about the yellow thong clip and Panties YES they are still for sale I guess people are thinking someone must have already got them but no They are still ready to go!! If you email me about them be prepared to buy! I started to throw them up on ebanned just for the hell of it but….I just cant even go there anymore hahaha such an annoying place these days. Hopefully my old buyers and fans find me here and realize I am still selling.

I fucking cant wait to get my iMac hahaha Im already looking for a desk for it. Im putting it in my living room because my office PC takes up too much room only enough room in there for 1 27 inch monitor ROFL ya im spoiled like that. Plus there is more light down there so I will be able to see better..So the iMAC will go there Im looking for a little glass desk.

My big bedroom windows have made it hard for me to stay warm the temperature in the room gets no higher than 66 degrees and that is fucking cold! I love my bedroom big bay windows with the nice water view but its too cold. mikey bought me black thermal curtains to put up cant wait for those to come in!

in 1 week I have almost 100 items coming in from my amazon wishlist mmmmmmmm Im really happy with it. I wanted to get to 2500 by xmas and currently I am 10 away from that little big goal who else is going to get me to that goal??? Show your devotion to your Goddess and $pend all your christmas cash right HERE! so much sexy lingerie coming there were only a few things I wanted for Christmas like last year but already I have got all I wanted and more so i guess there is no reason to demand certain things, just send me something special. Someone send me a new handbag yesss!! My next trip to the mailbox is December 16th so get your gifts in now bois!

hmmmm what else was I going to brag/post about hehehe I forget o well richard has been updating my ipod store again check it out

and heres another random xmas pick from 2years ago look at how my booty pokes out mmmmm LOL

I actually used this for my first naughty or nice xmas party I had about 2 years ago or was it 3 ? hmmmm i dunno anyways the party was a blast i gave away free tshirts and all kinds of crazy shit it got crazy!

I swear comcast (my internet provider) hates me or something. Once I start rocking and rolling on clips they decide to do something to slow me down damn them but, FINALLY after hours including yesterday my amazingly high res clips are uploading to c4s. Have you noticed my clips look even better? I busted out my studio light gear and I am starting to use it more I know its hard to believe but yessss my clips are even better!!! This one was uploaded yesterday and is insanely hot 4minutes of straight titty teasing! Fucking HOT!

This is a special little welcome home clip to the boys who *Thought* they could run and hide hahaha

my 2 clips coming in the next few hours of the early morning well….they are 2 of my new favorites! I seem to say that alot I guess but I keep striving to make my clips better and better and I absolutely love the lighting set up and my cute outfits lol

and this one right here….. mmmmmmm well I decided since Im not doing ebanned Im going to start doing sexy little clips in whatever I am selling and this yellow thong is up for grabs! First come first served panty pervs! The video is ridiculous I have no clue when it will be up but I am sure it will be scooped up quick! $75 contact me at

I really had no intentions on making clips today I was going to totally bum it out and chill BUT I think I really have an addiction to watching silly bois crumble and beg because I really couldn’t help but knock these 2 last clips out!

richard is NOT totally back although we all know he wishes he was. It was funny watching him and alberto conversate on twitter this morning as I was ignoring richard hahaha I had no clue richard was even talking to me and whining about his mistake until I noticed alberto responding to him ahhhh needless to say he’s been scrambling around all day to find a way to pay for my iMac oh yes it will be mine! Im not usually this demanding of the working bitch richard. pocket puppet is my longest slave and then coming up would be richard and I have never drained him this hard in the years he’s been serving me BUT he deserves it. Lesson learned bitch? hahaha I bet!

alberto ruined a portion of my Christmas gift hehehehe I have a kindle on the way yay!!!!!!! I love reading its going to be so much fun having that thing to read on I wonder what else hes going to spill before it comes hehehehe I love surprises though so I wont bother him

my panty wearing bitch mikey got his red satin panties I mailed him hahaha cant wait to see how tight they are LMAO ahhhh its hard to picture a guy like mikey doing such submissive things hahaha he started out as just a panty perv and now hes my BIOTCH! Aren’t you mikey? I’ve got you drinking your man cum and wearing panties hmmmm what’s next?

Tomorrow I might really rest and let you guys catch up on all the shit going on in my c4s store ahhhh its getting crazy I will be working on my "flirt" store this weekend also I will leave you with an old Xmas pic I uploaded it and a few others to my twitter so I will start sharing them here

I cant believe my hair was red ickkkkkk what was i thinking?

adios motherfuckas!!

I am so sexually frustrated I cant stand it ahhhhhh cant wait for this to return in 20 days!!!!

His face is cut out of this one 😦

We’ve already had a talk about the Beast & His Beauty series starting back up and its going to get even hotter this time around since we are going to have tons of "frustrations" to bang out we will just take it out on our little cuck bois and fans! Hes going to have his own little series going teaching you squares how to be a real man

Today was quite an interesting day indeed I woke up this morning at 5:30am to already having $200 in sales on my main c4s store and about an hour and a half ago I screen capped this…

40 from $1000 in sales in the last 3 days…. yea my clips seem to be knocking your defenses down today hahaha 3 crawling little pets came around today tsk tsk they tried to hide but we all know how that goes mmmm I had a full meal today and raked in the $$$ on paypal and amazon fuck I love my spoiled life good job slave x, pocket puppet, mikey and fuck you richard! hahaha dumbo came crawling on all 4’s today cleared my wishlist and then bought the one thing that was listed at high priority my iMAC i wanted! Then I sit down a few minutes ago and poof its back on the unpurchased side. Not very many people cancel items they buy me most people know by now I dont play that shit and its least expected from this little fuck up. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED FUCKING LOSER! You will not be getting any attention from me until you fix what good day of mine you just fucked up! I mean he did splurge alot today but I dont really fucking care the iMAC is an apology for being stupid and running off last month. I dont care if your broke and in debt anymore. Its meant to sting your wallet! anyways…he wrote a blog but who the fuck cares right? anyone want to read about what an idiot richard is …
I cant let this screw ups mistake distract me from congratulating everyone else for putting a smile on my face today GOOD JOB to everyone else!!!! alberto is working on my suer secret christmas gift which I am pretty excited about. The halloween "coffin" he sent me was pretty awesome filled with tons of goodies! I posted pics of it on my twitter when I got it yea images just arent showing up today on LJ so I cant post anything lame… the coffin was pretty creative lets see what he makes me this time 🙂

The new clips are destroying all of my lurkers who are finding it even harder to "lurk" and are now coming forward hahaha love it.

I just wrote like ummmmmm 1000 words and then it all got deleted and Im not going to rewrite it lol I have been trying to write actual blogs more but ehhhh everything I wrote is now gone damnitt!! So no rambling today besides the fact that I got rid of tons and tons of makeup I accumulated over the last few years most of it unopened and untouched I gave it away to a group of highschool kids that I know really really wanted it but cant afford it. Lots of unopened mac eye shadows toofaced cosmetic pallets and stuff. I love makeup ooooh so much but I really dont need all of that stuff I made smiles happen and I am happy with myself 🙂

Here are the new clips

and hahaha I rolled over this morning with the sun beaming through my window to find this hilarious "Addicts Plea"

"I am begging you to please stop making videos. You have become a burden I cannot escape with your insistent teasing. My relationship, social life and church duties are all beginning to suffer. All I am doing is working and rushing home to see if you have updated. When you do I spend, what should be quality time with my family, sitting at my computer, drooling all over myself. Tierra, will you please stop? I cannot hide much longer."

awwwwwww mission accomplished bois Heres my response in the sexiest cruelest way possible

and coming up later for you late night strokers…

Speaking of dirty panties lol everyone knows about how crazy my auctions on ebanned use to be…..$1,000 bikini $700 used vibrators after awhile nothing I sold went for under $200 most of it was with the high bidding and ebanned addiction of the ultimate ebanned slut steven back when he was fresh with the ebanned bidding haha I had some really good times on ebanned and met alot of really cool people/FREAKS hahaha freaks not a bad thing don’t worry everyone’s got their kinks lol but times change of course and I hate that site now for various reasons. Everyone’s asking about my next auctions but the truth is, there probably will never be another auction. I am tired of ebanned drama with non paying bidders and I hate opening up my account main page and seeing some of the most disgusting things ever. some people have no limits hahaha But I will be selling stuff directly I have an overflowing panty drawer which I need to make way for new things, tons of sissy gear, ummm very few shoes to sell hahaha and silly me for throwing out all of my used sex toys I forgot I could have made a fortune off those lol but I have lots of things I am really interested in getting rid of FAST I am running out of room and feel selling it all away to fans,losers, sissies and whoever has always been fun for me. I will be posting things I have for SELL in my blog sometime soon just a few items at a time. Those interested can then email me and place an order for my leftover trash hehehe. I have always done sales directly to people which is always profitable. Email me for direct sales so we can get this shit out the door mmmmkay!…..mikey,alberto, and james your packages were all mailed today

Now on to what I really want because thats all that really matters


Someone sent me a measly $20 today and honestly i felt quite insulted $20…$20?? 20 bucks doesnt make an impression pets dig DEEPER! I like the benj’s mmmmhmmmm As you can tell my wishlist is getting kinkier and kinkier I don’t know whats wrong with me my sex drive is raging like a motherfucker these days The older I get the kinkier I get ahahha you losers can only dream of the kinky things I do in bed and ummmm PAY FOR IT! My lovely sex toy collection has dwindled down to just Mr. Magic Hitatchi Im sure the ladies knwo what I am talking about. Ive trashed it all in exchange for some steamy BDSM fetish toys cause thats what Im more interested in I want this NOW make me happppppppy!!!!!!

and look I’ve made it easy for you to find… Im diggin the guy tied up girl doing reverse cowgirl hahaha oh yes it has torture devices and everything that come in this kinky little box I saw it in the sex shop last night for like $370 its on amazon for $170 (was $163 earlier)