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Monthly Archives: January 2010

 I didnt give enough attention to this clip because of everything else that was exciting in yesterdays blog. I REALLY LIKE IT and apparently so do you you all. Its fucking hot! I perfected it  till I could put my GT stamp on it hehehe

"I’ve just purchased your ‘Lips JOI’, and I’d like to tell you that it may be the single most sexiest Lipstick Fetish clip I have ever seen.

I’ve purchased each of the Lipstick/Mouth fetish you have made since November, and thought the ‘Kiss Me’ clip showed your lips the sexiest…Until last night, that is. After watching the ‘Lips JOI’ I truly came my Hardest!. The dialogue was perfect (I’m not really a big fan of humiliation clips), The application perfect, lighting perfect, the distance from the camera perfect! I just can’t get over how amazing that clip is!

I love the way the light reflects from the immaculate gloss, so wet and shiny.Once again, I’d like to thank you for making that clip. There are loads of us Lipstick Fetish Guys out there, and the Models are not coming correct when they make their clips. They’ve got a loooooong way to go before they can ever be on your level!

Yours Sincerely


It really is PERFECT! Private group members dont forget to download for free in the group.

HOORAY my wishlist is at 2600 purchased items and i got EVERYTHING I WANTED heheheheh my boys stepped it up I got all of my planting seeds richard got most of them I believe (hes still trying to impress me and say sorry for all his BS) and some extras 1 greenhouse for inside ( from pocket puppet) one greenhouse for outside (from scott an ex secret shopper) now all I need is another aero garden which is the next most important thing on my wishlist and that glow panel!!! alberto scooped my luggage for hawaii too! Im happy today. It usually takes people when they start gardening a little bit to get everything together hahaha I had everything together in 24hrs hehehe

If you notice I try to put stuff on my wishlist that I actually want need things I would use my own cash for but instead we have this lovely system so that I can use yours hehehe

Its time to do my ab workouts now my legs are so sore from all the walking and lunges I did yesterday 😦

 So first off everyone always ask me what happend to richard and blah blah blah OMG what a fucking retard he became within the last few weeks of 2009 I was shocked at his behavior considering hes been serving me for a few years now. richard wasted MY money on a shrink attempting to get away from the entire BDSM scene….whatever haha his blog was soooooo well written read it HERE but I cant tell you how many people saw right through the bullshit and knew he was just trying to talk himself into leaving hahahaha the blog was actually good but everyone that ever tries to leave me ALWAYS comes crawling back at some point….richard usually last the least amount of time hahahahhaha
without saying one thing to this sorry little pet this showed up at my door today…

YUMMMMMY! Moral of story is: you completely foolishly wasted all of MY cash on this shrink of yours… he/she obviously sucks ass because your right back here! Didnt dropping almost $1700 in a matter of minutes get you more excited than anything else you could possibly imagine??? I AM YOUR THERAPY BITCHES!
I probably wont ever let richard serve me like he used to…he can be one of my little lurking losers who gets a special hello from me only sometimes hahaha he definitely does not deserve any kind of special attention from me after all the problems he caused.

I have really been trying to occupy my time lately and right now I am working on starting up my garden outside I have added a bunch of growing stuff I need and WANT already someone has scooped up some of the seeds I wanted BUT I still need ALL OF THE REST and the green house growing rack off my wishlist and omg the birds of paradise seeds and the bonsai growing tree kit!!!!! The Grow zone date for seattle was on the 25th yep Im late but not too late  cant wait to start growing things. Someone lied to me today and said they bought the greenhouse thing…fuck I hate liars instantly blocked from my yahoo!

My Fabulous Amazon Wishlist

Im like 9 items away from 2600 items purchased. Lets make it happen!!

The piracy issue has been I dunno paused for now I am sure someone is looking for another way to reup them but whatever I seriously dont see the point in people illegally downloading FINANCIAL DOMINATION CLIPS…..isnt that the whole point of financial domination…paying….paying…..ummmmm yea….
So for now I have uploaded one of the 4 new clips

this one is coming up next in a few days maybe we will see how I feel…

the dress was a gift from slave tracy who doesnt know how to follow directions geez thats annoying too…

Both of these clips are ALREADY uploaded to the EBONY GLAM GODDESS FAN GROUP and available to download hehehe I know how terrible for the rest of you have to wait for that last clip even slave tracy doesnt get to see what he bought me since he is denied access to the group! oh and I decided to make this group even more exclusive Im pretty much NOT accepting anymore members right now in fact Im kicking some of you OUT for lack of performing your duties as my bitches and keeping up with the rest of my army. Group membership at this time is INVITE ONLY suckas!!!!

thats is for now time to play with my new toy!!!!

 Im not trying to have a full on war with these pirate boards. I never really freak out too much about one or two videos up I watch your boards really closely trust me I know where my videos are leaking at and just chose to let a couple slide I kinda understand the whole pirate thing I get it and most of the time strangely it has had positive effects more than negative on my sales (I cant speak for everyone)…whatever….  but when you decide to rip half of my store and post it for free that is when It becomes irritating…of course I am upset wouldnt you be?
It would be cool if you just didnt talk shit also especially you leeching freeloaders of the board funny how you have input on something when you dont even contribute to the boards  surprised nobody else has said anything

I made 4 clips today and Im not uploading them for awhile this whole fucking thing has fucked my sales completely I went from selling 100+ videos a day to selling 15 today thanks….

Members of my yahoo group will get some uploads later tonight

 OMG this must be my first blog in awhile with out video updates!!! My weekend wallet fucking was amazing and I didnt even do shit! Lets see where the fuck do i even begin??? Last weekends sales were outrageous with my little sucker buying up everything that got me to #7 and now this weekend a few boys decided they wanted to play.

Watch this little clip. I didnt feel like screen capping all of these damn orders because it would have took to long and would have been complicated

Saturday I had 187 videos sold and then last night ended at 210!!!!!

and now Im at #4 Horray!

I like to post these things because this is my record so far seems like every weekend I break my record in sales hahaha will next week be more for Goddess??? I fucking love it! I didnt even have to lift a finger AND my wishlist got hit HARD by a few people. Oh and who guessed richard would come crawling?? I will mention that later we will see wednesday loser!
slave tracy – annoying ass loser gets a little mention for his amazon goodies he sent today and he couldnt help but add to my clip sales by buying $145 worth to get my attention hahaha I have been ignoring him for weeks!
pocket puppet scooped me some BEBE clothing also from my wishlist so I can look fly on my Hawaii trip!!!
alberto sent me this amazing painting on Friday but damn UPS broke the frame 😦 its gorgeous gorgeous!

I went out this weekend and was sooooo drunk when I got home OMG I forgot my camera but I took a pic before we left

Too much grey goose! WAY TOO MUCH then i topped it off with a bottle of riesling all to myself at the club.

So yea theres a blog for you to read about how amazing I am and how my clips FUCK YOU UP! hahahaha Who else is going to hit up my wishlist???

 Clear it!

I have sold 185 clips today and Im going out to celebrate! For those nonbelievers proof will come soon ADIOS!

Everyone around me calls me the "akward black girl" since I was young!!! I just have never ever been one of those people who likes to follow rules. I am always trying to break out of whatever little mold people want to put me in. I have been debating this for like a year and with my recent hair cut I think it suits me!

yes those are my real spider eye lashes haha

Shame on me for not having earrings in my ears on in this pic I was getting dressed haha my gma raised me to always wear pretty little earrings and now shes going to hate that I now have 2 holes in my face and I am DONE! This ones pretty neat though it is implanted under my skin seems like it would hurt but it really didnt! just a little shocking I wish I could have seen my BF said the piercer just took a chunk of skin out GROSS! hahaha while I got that my BF got a HUGE portrait of MEEEEEE tattooed on his arm I mean its gigantic. Its weird looking at. Its not done which is why I am not posting pics but I showed a few of the girls its pretty awesome. In the portrait I am zombied out with flesh ripped and white eyes sitting in a cemetery. Its awesome and sweet I didnt even think that would ever happen one day he just went in for a consultation and came back with a sketch I wish I could post a pic damnitt!
I cant wait to finish my sleeve I feel so uncomplete lol my appointment has been booked months out not until March 23rd ugh!

anyways I know Im pretty insane but just like to have fun LOL 



The thong in the first clip and the pantyhose in the other are for sale HOWEVER as I type this someone who frequents my store alot just put in a bid to buy them but its first come first served whoever gets me the payment first gets them!  SOLD

There were also 32 new images uploaded to the Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Page!

Click to join ebonyglamgoddessfans

Tonight Im gonna enjoy the downtown night life and walk to one of these gazillion bars and have some fun with friends i am around on yahoo to take your cash get those wallets out boys!!!

My shirt says "money over bitches" hehehe

With all the blackmail play I have been getting myself into it only seems right hehehehe This may be a new fav of mine!

This clip is also uploading for free to those of you in my yahoo group!

I guess people still arent getting the whole CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING A REQUEST! THIS GROUP IS NOT FREE!
Im just going to keep denying all of you non knowing how to read motherfuckers! Im getting ready to upload another image set to the group as well.

I havent been taking any gift pics lately I post some of the stuff I get on twitter but to take a pic of everything would be damn near impossible. a little wishlist shopper named scott I received a few gifts from today my betsey johnson boots and 2 armani sweaters last week I also got a dress from the annoying bryan omg hes so fucking annoying……I may post a few images on twitter soon and you will see the dress from the annoying idiot in a vid soon!

wooot I cant wait to go to Hawaii!!! I purchased a new bikini with the surprise anon victoria secret gift card I got! I still have no clue who sent it!

 you open up my c4s store I say what page to go to and you buy everything off that page including the low res repeats!! little sucker lasted 2 rounds after already spending $1k and finally they denied his credit card awwww sad 😦 So that means its time to reload or pull out another one!

Heres an example of the damage "The Page Game" Does…

so fast so quick and that cash is mine!

 hehehehe  Who else wants to play my little game??

Lets play a group version! Go to page ummmmmmm 15!


 I used to love love love humiliation and then I got super greedy and stopped making guys do gross shit to entertain and just humiliated them verbally degrading them into little tools for me lol but that little vacation is over I have really been dishing out the little task lately. I even started the "Amuse Goddess" series in my c4s store I have only posted 2 assignments so far and this last one wasnt gross but it was fucking hilarious! The assignments been doen a few times but  the ginger troll paid for me and my man to read his in a video and my boyfriends reaction was hilarious!

"To The Real Man takes care of Tierra’s needs, Thank you sir for making the Goddess happy as I would never be able to do anything but make her laugh and gross her out. You are a good looking, athletic, fine ass caramel skinned hunk while I am just about the exact opposite. I am a fugly, freckled up, repulsive redhaired, gingertroll. Thank you for having a big black cock which I am sure you know how to use to please Tierra, I am a "2 pump chump with a 4 inch stump" a nickname a mad ex gave me. I would do anything Tierra asked me including sucking your black cobra or even licking your ass. Superior black men like you have humiliated me my whole life since I am a 5’4" pale, speckled, howdy doody looking sissy. There was one 6’5" brother in school that constantly picked on me and would call me Opie, once in the shower in gym class as he laughed looking at my hardly visible pecker in my firebush and said "look little Opie aint got no pole" I am intimidated and frightened since you could kick my pansy ass soo easy. I am thankful there are real men like you to keep Tierra satisfied while I sit home and stoke my stubby leprechaun pecker. Thank You! Fugly Red the Ginersissy"

The response video my man gives out some advice for all you losers!

after this clip we filmed a little cuck clip

and then I have some little updates featuring just me of course



and also I just uploaded another video to the Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Page! Dont you wish you knew what it was?? LOL

 Hello there lurkers and ladies 🙂 Im in such a good mood today! This weekend I raked it in in so many ways hahaha We all  know Im not a very big fan of blackmail games..some people take advantage of that stuff and I am definitely not one of those people however, a boy I have spoken to on many occasions he calls himself my white bitch haha he had no clue I was in such an evil mood last night. He began by tributing via amazon because he knows I loveeee my gifts hehehe and then gained access to the Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Group where he proceeded to hit my private chip in box ohhh ya hahaha I was bored so he started begging to do humiliating things like chug down a nice glass of his own piss like a filthy little piggy I made him chug it fast then I made him throw on wifeys panties and model them for me and leave a nice little mess hahaha oooooh I told this whore I had a special treat for him, he had no clue I was recording his little cam session as well as taking pics hahaha

I secretly snapped all these nice little images clear shots of the whores face everything mmmmmmm now what would happen if these somehow got around???? The whore paid up quick but since this one doesnt show anything I will give you all a view of his wifes little black thong LOL I suckered this loser out of a nice chunk of change and some amazon gifties!!!!

Speaking of suckers hahahaha my personal little sucker decided he wanted to push Goddess really high in the rankings. I have been having some amazing sales 400-500 daily the last few days but this is what I ended yesterday with 

which pushed my store all the way to #9

 yummmmmy! The higher up I go the more sales I get hahaha my eager little sucker has been having issues tributing so instead he just buys the same clips over and over hahahaha WHAT AN ADDICTED SUCKER!!! 
EDIT: #7 now woooot!

Today I finally went in a did some drastic changes to my hair this is the shortest its ever been you guys know I love my short cuts but I realy really like it this time Livejournal for some reason isnt letting me link to images (whatever) so you can check out my new haircut on my twitter I posted a few images

I need to get some better pics they will come soon this is right after I got back home 

 I added my new BIKINI OBSESSION 2 part series toThe Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Group as well as some hot images!!! There are so many pending request and ALL of them will be denied without payment. I dont really care who you are, your not getting inside without payment contact me to find out how to pay

Things are going just how I like them to and my eager little sucker has posted a little message to the group after spending over $1,000 last night I guess I could share it here,

Amazing Goddess,

Some thoughts about the economic crisis and how it affects our service to
Actually, the economic crisis should not at all make our service to You less..on
the contrary…this situation compells us to increase our efforts so we can help
even more in contributing to Your goal of increasing Your wealth….and securing
Your luxurious lifestyle especially in times when many others face financial
problems….this will surely help in distinguishing You from all the others and
ensuring that Your Divinity is clear to all the world…..the Divinity of
Goddess Who is enjoying the luxury that Her paypets work hard for…
It is also a very good chance for all of us to prove even more our dedication to
You….in the way that now in this situation we have to increase our sacrifice
in Your honor depriving our miserable selves from the last shreds of financial
stability and dignity that remain in us…That way we will show You our
dedication, our adoration, our resolve to serve You in any way Your wish.
For it is indeed in a time of difficulty and crisis when we, Your devoted dogs
can show if we really mean to serve You and shower You with all the fruits of
our labour while we deprive ourselves of anything we might consider of keeping
as safety in these difficult times.
So this crisis is also an opportunity…for us to show to You how we really love
You and for You to actually increase Your wealth!

Your sucker

Very well written by an addicted little sucker hahaha you are right now is the time to show me how much you adore me and appreciate my existence!

all for me!! Alright I have got to  get back to cooking. If you havent noticed it has become a serious hobby of mine I LOVE COOKING!!!
tonight marinated grilled salmon garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus YUM!

Check out the new clips I uploaded

50 days till im in HAWAII!!!!!!