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 Sales have been ok…not outstanding things are unusually slow and Im just going to assume its because of the christmas damage and not because my videos are being passed around again. The last week of the month I was having $400 days on c4s which was pretty amazing. I think last year things were slow around this time too. Since shits been slow I have been unmotivated to stay home and make clips instead I have been out spending spending spending hahahaha I usually hate shopping at the mall I love the online shopping but for some reason mall shopping has been fun again sOoooooooOooo who wants to contribute to my shopping fun! I plan to spend a good chunk of my month shopping LOL Last night I had an amazing dinner at Ruth Chris my first time there wow it  was soooo good expensive but worth it. Im going back next week probably and doing some seattle shopping.

Its funny watching people scramble around wondering where I have been I have been around but only those who deserve it have been able to contact me hahaha I am not tolerating slackers this year you fuck up you are adios motherfuckas! Im not one of those people who is going to sit around and play games I literally dont have time for it. If you want to talk to me you should know by now a tribute will be required I dont chit chat with randoms so stop messaging on yahoo with lame ass messages I dont want to hear them!



and to the so called addict who keeps leaving anon comments in my blog hey loser your not going to get a response from me without tributes I have been online long enough where Im not going to fuck around anymore hahahaha no time for it sillies!! I dont have one of those chip in things because I dont trust having my paypal addy up I have had 2 accounts suspended in the past because of dumb girls reporting it but yes I have paypal contact me for info and you might get it!

ps 100+ outtakes from my Show magazine shoot were posted on the site. the mag is coming out in days woooot! cant wait

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