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Well lets see….. I had tons of fun on yahoo the last few days $$$$$I hate yahoo most of the time but This weekend was fun draining all the drivebys boys!
Remember that super secret invite only page on my website I used to have that all you wimps were begging to get into last year? Well I have moved it I deleted my old yahoo group and started THE EBONY GLAM GODDESS FAN PAGE! Already there are 7 members and I havent even posted about it yet hahaha Ok so heres the deal the secret page was a little spot where I did cam chats with just the members There a ton of pics random videos I posted in there for free and video blogs and Im doing it all inside this little fan group. Everything inside is exclusive to that page meaning its not going to be anywhere else! Of course its NOT free bitches the cost to join is $75 bucks per month and already I have kicked the group off with some hot modeling images that arent anywhere else hahahaha gimme a few days and that page will be filled with all types of stuff. Contact me for way to pay to join the group! The cam chats will be done in there also. The elite owned few were granted instant access of course. My only advice to you all who have been blessed with instant access is dont fuck up hahaha

Im seriously looking forward to having fun with this. The old secret page was alot of fun and a little experiment I think this will be even better!

I still am unmotivated to make clips the last few days. I have been busy with errrr other things ummm damn those morning "workouts" make me stay in bed hahahaha plus i found out c4s has been glitching like crazy lately I got an email that people werent able to download more than 1 clip at a time WTF no wonder I havent had any big orders go through. The glitch is fixed now sooo go ahead scoop! Here are a few of the New and coming up…

Starting with  White bois 8  the series is ending at #10 I know you love it but damn I see the idea being duplicated already


Coming Later….

and one more I need to edit still but I am done for the night!

The footfetish clip along with the upskirt clip are  being upload into the THE EBONY GLAM GODDESS FAN PAGE!
Told you guys this group would totally be worth it. unfortunately yahoo is limiting my uploads to 5mb wtf my clips are nowhere near that so the free vids will be uploaded to my website on a page and you will need to download using a password which I will give out later

Oh and OOOOOOH before I forget superfan o superfan I see you! You cannot hide I guess jebus didnt save you from my pretty hands huh you cant hide from me palcing those big orders on c4s hahahahaha


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