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 Hello there lurkers and ladies 🙂 Im in such a good mood today! This weekend I raked it in in so many ways hahaha We all  know Im not a very big fan of blackmail games..some people take advantage of that stuff and I am definitely not one of those people however, a boy I have spoken to on many occasions he calls himself my white bitch haha he had no clue I was in such an evil mood last night. He began by tributing via amazon because he knows I loveeee my gifts hehehe and then gained access to the Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Group where he proceeded to hit my private chip in box ohhh ya hahaha I was bored so he started begging to do humiliating things like chug down a nice glass of his own piss like a filthy little piggy I made him chug it fast then I made him throw on wifeys panties and model them for me and leave a nice little mess hahaha oooooh I told this whore I had a special treat for him, he had no clue I was recording his little cam session as well as taking pics hahaha

I secretly snapped all these nice little images clear shots of the whores face everything mmmmmmm now what would happen if these somehow got around???? The whore paid up quick but since this one doesnt show anything I will give you all a view of his wifes little black thong LOL I suckered this loser out of a nice chunk of change and some amazon gifties!!!!

Speaking of suckers hahahaha my personal little sucker decided he wanted to push Goddess really high in the rankings. I have been having some amazing sales 400-500 daily the last few days but this is what I ended yesterday with 

which pushed my store all the way to #9

 yummmmmy! The higher up I go the more sales I get hahaha my eager little sucker has been having issues tributing so instead he just buys the same clips over and over hahahaha WHAT AN ADDICTED SUCKER!!! 
EDIT: #7 now woooot!

Today I finally went in a did some drastic changes to my hair this is the shortest its ever been you guys know I love my short cuts but I realy really like it this time Livejournal for some reason isnt letting me link to images (whatever) so you can check out my new haircut on my twitter I posted a few images

I need to get some better pics they will come soon this is right after I got back home 

 I added my new BIKINI OBSESSION 2 part series toThe Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Group as well as some hot images!!! There are so many pending request and ALL of them will be denied without payment. I dont really care who you are, your not getting inside without payment contact me to find out how to pay

Things are going just how I like them to and my eager little sucker has posted a little message to the group after spending over $1,000 last night I guess I could share it here,

Amazing Goddess,

Some thoughts about the economic crisis and how it affects our service to
Actually, the economic crisis should not at all make our service to You less..on
the contrary…this situation compells us to increase our efforts so we can help
even more in contributing to Your goal of increasing Your wealth….and securing
Your luxurious lifestyle especially in times when many others face financial
problems….this will surely help in distinguishing You from all the others and
ensuring that Your Divinity is clear to all the world…..the Divinity of
Goddess Who is enjoying the luxury that Her paypets work hard for…
It is also a very good chance for all of us to prove even more our dedication to
You….in the way that now in this situation we have to increase our sacrifice
in Your honor depriving our miserable selves from the last shreds of financial
stability and dignity that remain in us…That way we will show You our
dedication, our adoration, our resolve to serve You in any way Your wish.
For it is indeed in a time of difficulty and crisis when we, Your devoted dogs
can show if we really mean to serve You and shower You with all the fruits of
our labour while we deprive ourselves of anything we might consider of keeping
as safety in these difficult times.
So this crisis is also an opportunity…for us to show to You how we really love
You and for You to actually increase Your wealth!

Your sucker

Very well written by an addicted little sucker hahaha you are right now is the time to show me how much you adore me and appreciate my existence!

all for me!! Alright I have got to  get back to cooking. If you havent noticed it has become a serious hobby of mine I LOVE COOKING!!!
tonight marinated grilled salmon garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus YUM!

Check out the new clips I uploaded

50 days till im in HAWAII!!!!!!


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