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With all the blackmail play I have been getting myself into it only seems right hehehehe This may be a new fav of mine!

This clip is also uploading for free to those of you in my yahoo group!

I guess people still arent getting the whole CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING A REQUEST! THIS GROUP IS NOT FREE!
Im just going to keep denying all of you non knowing how to read motherfuckers! Im getting ready to upload another image set to the group as well.

I havent been taking any gift pics lately I post some of the stuff I get on twitter but to take a pic of everything would be damn near impossible. a little wishlist shopper named scott I received a few gifts from today my betsey johnson boots and 2 armani sweaters last week I also got a dress from the annoying bryan omg hes so fucking annoying……I may post a few images on twitter soon and you will see the dress from the annoying idiot in a vid soon!

wooot I cant wait to go to Hawaii!!! I purchased a new bikini with the surprise anon victoria secret gift card I got! I still have no clue who sent it!

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