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Everyone around me calls me the "akward black girl" since I was young!!! I just have never ever been one of those people who likes to follow rules. I am always trying to break out of whatever little mold people want to put me in. I have been debating this for like a year and with my recent hair cut I think it suits me!

yes those are my real spider eye lashes haha

Shame on me for not having earrings in my ears on in this pic I was getting dressed haha my gma raised me to always wear pretty little earrings and now shes going to hate that I now have 2 holes in my face and I am DONE! This ones pretty neat though it is implanted under my skin seems like it would hurt but it really didnt! just a little shocking I wish I could have seen my BF said the piercer just took a chunk of skin out GROSS! hahaha while I got that my BF got a HUGE portrait of MEEEEEE tattooed on his arm I mean its gigantic. Its weird looking at. Its not done which is why I am not posting pics but I showed a few of the girls its pretty awesome. In the portrait I am zombied out with flesh ripped and white eyes sitting in a cemetery. Its awesome and sweet I didnt even think that would ever happen one day he just went in for a consultation and came back with a sketch I wish I could post a pic damnitt!
I cant wait to finish my sleeve I feel so uncomplete lol my appointment has been booked months out not until March 23rd ugh!

anyways I know Im pretty insane but just like to have fun LOL 



The thong in the first clip and the pantyhose in the other are for sale HOWEVER as I type this someone who frequents my store alot just put in a bid to buy them but its first come first served whoever gets me the payment first gets them!  SOLD

There were also 32 new images uploaded to the Ebony Glam Goddess Fan Page!

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Tonight Im gonna enjoy the downtown night life and walk to one of these gazillion bars and have some fun with friends i am around on yahoo to take your cash get those wallets out boys!!!

My shirt says "money over bitches" hehehe

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