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 OMG this must be my first blog in awhile with out video updates!!! My weekend wallet fucking was amazing and I didnt even do shit! Lets see where the fuck do i even begin??? Last weekends sales were outrageous with my little sucker buying up everything that got me to #7 and now this weekend a few boys decided they wanted to play.

Watch this little clip. I didnt feel like screen capping all of these damn orders because it would have took to long and would have been complicated

Saturday I had 187 videos sold and then last night ended at 210!!!!!

and now Im at #4 Horray!

I like to post these things because this is my record so far seems like every weekend I break my record in sales hahaha will next week be more for Goddess??? I fucking love it! I didnt even have to lift a finger AND my wishlist got hit HARD by a few people. Oh and who guessed richard would come crawling?? I will mention that later we will see wednesday loser!
slave tracy – annoying ass loser gets a little mention for his amazon goodies he sent today and he couldnt help but add to my clip sales by buying $145 worth to get my attention hahaha I have been ignoring him for weeks!
pocket puppet scooped me some BEBE clothing also from my wishlist so I can look fly on my Hawaii trip!!!
alberto sent me this amazing painting on Friday but damn UPS broke the frame 😦 its gorgeous gorgeous!

I went out this weekend and was sooooo drunk when I got home OMG I forgot my camera but I took a pic before we left

Too much grey goose! WAY TOO MUCH then i topped it off with a bottle of riesling all to myself at the club.

So yea theres a blog for you to read about how amazing I am and how my clips FUCK YOU UP! hahahaha Who else is going to hit up my wishlist???


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