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 Im not trying to have a full on war with these pirate boards. I never really freak out too much about one or two videos up I watch your boards really closely trust me I know where my videos are leaking at and just chose to let a couple slide I kinda understand the whole pirate thing I get it and most of the time strangely it has had positive effects more than negative on my sales (I cant speak for everyone)…whatever….  but when you decide to rip half of my store and post it for free that is when It becomes irritating…of course I am upset wouldnt you be?
It would be cool if you just didnt talk shit also especially you leeching freeloaders of the board funny how you have input on something when you dont even contribute to the boards  surprised nobody else has said anything

I made 4 clips today and Im not uploading them for awhile this whole fucking thing has fucked my sales completely I went from selling 100+ videos a day to selling 15 today thanks….

Members of my yahoo group will get some uploads later tonight

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