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 So first off everyone always ask me what happend to richard and blah blah blah OMG what a fucking retard he became within the last few weeks of 2009 I was shocked at his behavior considering hes been serving me for a few years now. richard wasted MY money on a shrink attempting to get away from the entire BDSM scene….whatever haha his blog was soooooo well written read it HERE but I cant tell you how many people saw right through the bullshit and knew he was just trying to talk himself into leaving hahahaha the blog was actually good but everyone that ever tries to leave me ALWAYS comes crawling back at some point….richard usually last the least amount of time hahahahhaha
without saying one thing to this sorry little pet this showed up at my door today…

YUMMMMMY! Moral of story is: you completely foolishly wasted all of MY cash on this shrink of yours… he/she obviously sucks ass because your right back here! Didnt dropping almost $1700 in a matter of minutes get you more excited than anything else you could possibly imagine??? I AM YOUR THERAPY BITCHES!
I probably wont ever let richard serve me like he used to…he can be one of my little lurking losers who gets a special hello from me only sometimes hahaha he definitely does not deserve any kind of special attention from me after all the problems he caused.

I have really been trying to occupy my time lately and right now I am working on starting up my garden outside I have added a bunch of growing stuff I need and WANT already someone has scooped up some of the seeds I wanted BUT I still need ALL OF THE REST and the green house growing rack off my wishlist and omg the birds of paradise seeds and the bonsai growing tree kit!!!!! The Grow zone date for seattle was on the 25th yep Im late but not too late  cant wait to start growing things. Someone lied to me today and said they bought the greenhouse thing…fuck I hate liars instantly blocked from my yahoo!

My Fabulous Amazon Wishlist

Im like 9 items away from 2600 items purchased. Lets make it happen!!

The piracy issue has been I dunno paused for now I am sure someone is looking for another way to reup them but whatever I seriously dont see the point in people illegally downloading FINANCIAL DOMINATION CLIPS…..isnt that the whole point of financial domination…paying….paying…..ummmmm yea….
So for now I have uploaded one of the 4 new clips

this one is coming up next in a few days maybe we will see how I feel…

the dress was a gift from slave tracy who doesnt know how to follow directions geez thats annoying too…

Both of these clips are ALREADY uploaded to the EBONY GLAM GODDESS FAN GROUP and available to download hehehe I know how terrible for the rest of you have to wait for that last clip even slave tracy doesnt get to see what he bought me since he is denied access to the group! oh and I decided to make this group even more exclusive Im pretty much NOT accepting anymore members right now in fact Im kicking some of you OUT for lack of performing your duties as my bitches and keeping up with the rest of my army. Group membership at this time is INVITE ONLY suckas!!!!

thats is for now time to play with my new toy!!!!

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