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 I didnt give enough attention to this clip because of everything else that was exciting in yesterdays blog. I REALLY LIKE IT and apparently so do you you all. Its fucking hot! I perfected it  till I could put my GT stamp on it hehehe

"I’ve just purchased your ‘Lips JOI’, and I’d like to tell you that it may be the single most sexiest Lipstick Fetish clip I have ever seen.

I’ve purchased each of the Lipstick/Mouth fetish you have made since November, and thought the ‘Kiss Me’ clip showed your lips the sexiest…Until last night, that is. After watching the ‘Lips JOI’ I truly came my Hardest!. The dialogue was perfect (I’m not really a big fan of humiliation clips), The application perfect, lighting perfect, the distance from the camera perfect! I just can’t get over how amazing that clip is!

I love the way the light reflects from the immaculate gloss, so wet and shiny.Once again, I’d like to thank you for making that clip. There are loads of us Lipstick Fetish Guys out there, and the Models are not coming correct when they make their clips. They’ve got a loooooong way to go before they can ever be on your level!

Yours Sincerely


It really is PERFECT! Private group members dont forget to download for free in the group.

HOORAY my wishlist is at 2600 purchased items and i got EVERYTHING I WANTED heheheheh my boys stepped it up I got all of my planting seeds richard got most of them I believe (hes still trying to impress me and say sorry for all his BS) and some extras 1 greenhouse for inside ( from pocket puppet) one greenhouse for outside (from scott an ex secret shopper) now all I need is another aero garden which is the next most important thing on my wishlist and that glow panel!!! alberto scooped my luggage for hawaii too! Im happy today. It usually takes people when they start gardening a little bit to get everything together hahaha I had everything together in 24hrs hehehe

If you notice I try to put stuff on my wishlist that I actually want need things I would use my own cash for but instead we have this lovely system so that I can use yours hehehe

Its time to do my ab workouts now my legs are so sore from all the walking and lunges I did yesterday 😦

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