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 I have lots & lots of blogging to do! Heres an assignment I gave slave richard just for fun hahaha its just like a manual…. Learn a lesson boys!
written by richard

How To Serve Goddess Tierra

Any aspiring slave of Goddess Tierra should understand how to serve Goddess Tierra correctly. The most important mindset to take is that Goddess Tierra is the most important person in your life. Treat Her as such and worship Her daily. Never disrespect Goddess Tierra, and do everything You can to make Her life happier, easier and more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Try not to compare yourself to the ‘vanilla’ people out there. Most of these people go to work, spend their money on themselves, put some money aside for savings for their retirement, get married and live the normal, average life. As a slave it’s important to understand you’ve got a different purpose in life than most ‘vanilla’ people. Understand you’re here to serve your Goddess, to sacrifice everything you possibly can to make your Goddess live the luxury, carefree lifestyle of leisure She deserves, all at your expense.
Knowing you work so hard to earn your Goddess money, and make so many cut backs and sacrifices, while your Goddess doesn’t have to work and lives in total luxury without any financial worries, is what financial domination is all about.

Here are 20 suggestions for serving Goddess Tierra, and making Her life more enjoyable and fun:
1) Every decision you make, think how will Goddess Tierra benefit?

It’s human nature to think What’s in it for me? But as a slave, you should think What’s in it for my Goddess. Don’t do things for yourself, do them for Goddess Tierra. I think this shift in thinking is one of the most important you can do as a slave. Constantly think about pleasing Goddess Tierra. As an example, when you’re at work, and your hungry, at break time you might think about going to the vending machines for a chocolate bar. Ask yourself, do I REALLY NEED that chocolate bar, or do I just want it? Stop, hold back, and save that 50p for your Goddess. It may seem small but added up over the course of a year those 50p chocolate bars will add up, and You can buy Her something She wants from Her wishlist with the money you saved.

2) Do not be needy/clingy

Goddess Tierra HATES needy, clingy guys. If you email/message/contact Goddess Tierra, wait patiently for Her to reply. Don’t send her hundreds of emails/IMs/messages begging or whining or whatever if She doesn’t respond. If Goddess Tierra doesn’t respond She is busy doing something more important. Respect that. If She wants to contact You back She will do that in HER own time. Don’t beg/whine/be clingy.

3) Give Goddess Tierra every penny you possibly can each month, but DO NOT overspend.

Look at your income and expenditure figures, cut down on all the non-essentials, and give Goddess Tierra the rest. It’s a simple principle to grasp but it’s harder to execute. If your new to findom, it’s best to take it in small steps rather than jumping straight into total financial control. Start with say 50% of your disposable income, then 75% then 90% and so on.
It’s critical you do not overspend. It’s so hard to not over-exert yourself when you’re in that ‘financial domination emotional state’ where you’re weak and just can’t say no, but if you want a sustainable long term D/s relationship with Goddess Tierra, its one thing you’ll have to do. Overspending was the main contributing factor that caused me to screw up. Set a spending limit that you can’t go beyond, like a safe word in R/T sessions.

4) It’s Goddess Tierra’s money – If you need (or want) to buy yourself something, always ask permission first!

If you want to be owned by Goddess Tierra, understand She owns you, everything you earn and everything you own. Every penny in your bank account is HERs not yours. As such you should ALWAYS ask your owner permission before you spend HER money. Over time, you’ll get to the point where you feel guilty for secretly spending Goddess Tierra’s money without permission, even for the smallest of transactions.

5) Never disobey Goddess Tierra, and don’t play games.

If Goddess Tierra says no cumming, then don’t cum. If she says eat your cum, do it. If She says buy x, y, z, DO IT! Don’t whine or complain or play games with Her, just do it.

6) What can you do to cut costs?

Do you get the bus to work? Cycle or walk instead.
Do you drive to work? Sell your car, give Goddess Tierra all the cash, and cycle/walk to work! (Or at least leave the car home and don’t fill up with petrol and cycle/walk to work instead. If any of your colleagues ask, say it’s your new exercise regimen.).
Shop at netto/aldi or buy the economy brand products.
Cut down on life’s little luxuries, no sugar, dilutable fruit juice, cola, chocolate bars, etc. Just buy the bare minimum, and buy it cheap.
Stop smoking or drinking or doing drugs or any other habits that take money away from Goddess Tierra
Cancel gym membership (and cycle to work instead – its free and good exercise).

7) What can you sell to raise more money for Goddess Tierra?

Have you got an old computer you don’t use?
Anything at all you don’t use? Raid your attic and sell items you don’t need on eBay.
Any old university books you can sell? You can easily raise $100 selling university books.
Have you got any stocks or shares or investments you can sell or transfer to Goddess Tierra?

8) What skills do you have that can help Goddess Tierra?

Do you know how to program computers? HTML? Flash? Marketing/advertising? What can Goddess Tierra use you for? There is nothing more fulfilling as a slave than to finish a long full time shift at work earning Your Goddess money, than to get home and get back to work for Her in Your spare time too.

9) Set goals

You don’t accomplish anything in life without clear, specific, time bound goals. Set a goal, and write it out each morning in a spiral notebook. Goals must be specific and time bound. For example a goal I wrote was ‘I will give Goddess Tierra $25,000 by 31st December 2009’. I wrote that goal out each day every day for all of 2009, and I achieved it. Goal setting is amazing, it works.

10) Maintain a detailed blog about your life as a slave to Goddess Tierra.

This serves to show others how devoted you are, as an example of how other slaves can serve your Goddess, and also gives Goddess Tierra free advertising and boosts Her positionin search engine rankings. If you have a blog be sure to put as many links to HYPERLINK "", HYPERLINK "" and HYPERLINK "" as possible. The more links to a website/blog, the higher they are ranked in search engines.

11) Only cum when Goddess says, and only cum to Goddess Tierra’s clips

Delete any and all other porn from your PC. You don’t need it when you serve Goddess Tierra. The only clips a good slave to Goddess Tierra should be enjoying their release with is Goddess Tierra’s own clips.

12) BUY Goddess Tierra’s clips!

I shouldn’t have to mention this, but don’t be a cheap ass and download them for free, go to Goddess Tierra’s clipstore and BUY them up!
Buy them twice if you really want to please Goddess so Her clipstore gets higher in the C4S site rankings.

13) The most important day in your calendar is 26th April.

As a slave to Goddess Tierra, Goddess Tierra Day should be the most important and sacred day in your calendar. Forget your birthday and Christmas, or your wifes anniversary, Goddess Tierra’s birthday should be the most important date in the year!
The second most important date should be your anniversary serving Goddess Tierra.

14) Don’t compare yourself with other slaves, just do the very best you can.

It can be hard to do this, but it’s important to understand there will always be a slave richer than you. A bit of healthy competition is beneficial between slaves, but you don’t want to compare yourself to other slaves. I used to compare myself to BitchFace all the time. he gave Goddess $170k. There is no way on earth I could beat that without winning the lottery.
Instead of depressing yourself comparing yourself to other slaves, just rest assured you are doing the very best you can, sacrificing everything you can to please your Goddess. You can also do other jobs for Your Goddess, like work on Her clipstore, market and advertise Her website, hunt down pirate scumbags and delete their illegal copies, etc

15) Never ever slut around

The only way this could ever happen is if you have a perceptual handicap!
Don’t let your eye wander, it can be easy to be distracted online, especially with all the Findom toplists, and c4s stores, but don’t let yourself stray. It’ll be hard to find a Goddess equal to Goddess Tierra. The best thing to do is keep yourself focussed on Goddess Tierra every single day, and if you get an initial surge of curiosity about another domme, click the back button and ignore her.

16) Tribute Goddess, or buy Her items from Her wishlist, without being asked

Don’t wait for Goddess to ask you to tribute or buy Her items off Her wishlist. As a slave you should know what is expected of you and do it without being prompted. Goddess Tierra’s life should be easy and simple, She should not have to be chasing Her slaves up every week/month.

17) Give Goddess Tierra full access to your bank account

If you are really serious about serving Goddess Tierra, give Her the username and password to your online banking account.
That way Goddess can keep an eye on what’s happening to Her money.

18) Accept yourself as a slave

It’s important not to resist your purpose in life as a slave. It can be easy to want to escape and live a normal, vanilla life, but understand you’re a slave so have a different life purpose to most others. Embrace your purpose in its entirety, and commit yourself to serve Goddess Tierra to the best of your ability forever.
If you ever catch yourself thinking about escaping, tell yourself you’re denying who you are. Deep down you’re a slave. You will never be happy or complete without fulfilling this destiny. All slaves of Goddess Tierra come crawling back eventually, and Goddess Tierra knows this.
19) Surprise Goddess Tierra with little gifts you think She’ll like

Goddess Tierra loves little surprises. Buy Her some flowers from a florist local to Her totally out of the blue (search for florists in Tacoma online, you can order them online and have them deliver it straight to Her door that same day). This is guaranteed to put a smile on Goddess’ face.
Write Goddess a letter to Her personal address declaring your total and absolute adoration and submission to Her.
Send Goddess Tierra magnets from your country or places you visit.
Create an artistic gift yourself and send this to Goddess Tierra. Alberto did this on Halloween with a coffin gift box and Goddess Tierra loved it!

20) Vote for Goddess Tierra on the top lists daily

Go to HYPERLINK "" each day and click on every link and vote for your Goddess. Each time you vote, it pushes Goddess Tierra further up the rankings on that particular top list. Toplists usually log your IP Address and place cookies on your system to prevent you from voting more than once in any 24 hour period. While your voting, just make sure you don’t get tempted to click on other dommes banners.
Try not to click on Goddess Tierra’s banner also, as the toplist works by counting the votes TO the toplist (which is good) and votes FROM the toplist to Goddess site (which reduces the position in the rankings). The ideal situation is having a 50/50 split, where you have lots of votes, and lots of visits to Her site.


I hope this little guide has been of use. If you apply these ideas every single day, you will please Goddess Tierra very much, and make Her life even more prosperous, enjoyable and trouble free. Should Goddess allow you the great privilege to be brought into Her stable of owned boys, be grateful. Be very grateful and work hard every single day to maintain your position and keep Goddess happy. There is nothing better than being totally owned by Goddess Tierra, having Her control your entire life, your finances, your orgasms, your lifestyle. Only when you are without this do you know how much it means to you. Once you have been owned by Goddess Tierra, nothing else but total submission to Her feels right.

Good luck!

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