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Monthly Archives: October 2008

You would really think I have kids or something. I just bought about 40 bucks worth of Halloween candy and no, im not sharing!

I was really busy all day yesterday running around getting all the stuff for my Halloween costume. I wont be showing it off until Friday 🙂 I have a few errands to run today and I need to check on my house. The plumbing went in yesterday YAY! Which means its even closer to being finished. After the staircase goes up everything should be moving along fast!! 
2 new clips!

I was supposed to be up so  I can download all my clips from slave richard luckily some loser called my ignore line and woke me up hahaha  what an honor he got to listen to me brush my teeth and get dressed. richard resized all of my videos for you boys still stuck in the stone age I will be uploading those smaller sized clips to my store today….slowly lol im in no rush but I know a few of you are dying to purchase my videos in smaller files size. Wait for it! My video sizes are so huge because of my bad ass camcorder I use it records in high res I was afraid shrinking them would ruin the resolution but my working slave boy has found a way to save the quality of the videos! Yay!!!!

Eye Candy!!!
Look how frikkin crystal clear my webcam shoots 🙂

anyone know this person???? Just bought a bunch of my videos via NF’s of course didnt leave feedback lol

There is probably something better out there but this program is cheap and fun! It has a million features you can use that are just too much fun hahaha The name of the software is WEBCAM MAX I LOVE IT! You can purchase it from their site using paypal

* Yea I am annoyed by all the copy cat stupid shit with the new girls that is going so Im not being nice to people anymore lol any tips or info on what i use or anything i say will be pvt posted 🙂

SoI finally got to shoot with dmholman  today!! Its seriously been like a year since we last shot! Here is my Halloween shot from last year I did with him!

I didnt get to do a Halloween set this time, kinda ran out of time!  I went to Seattle before the shoot and really wasted money buying up stuff at this store and none of it even was good quality. Silly me didnt even notice till I got to the studio for the shoot ugh! I hate Halloween stores that sell crappy shit. Thats why I stick to amazon!

I am really undecided what I am going to do for Halloween. I was planning a huge ass party but I think emails between the event planner kinda got lost somehow and I was way to busy with everything else to realize it until a week ago. I mentioned it to him a few days ago and he said I stopped communicating lol that sucks! My friends are all broke (surprise) and I dont do house parties, Im to old for that shit. So now I dont know what I am going to do yet. I have an amazing cleopatra costume. maybe I will just find a cool location to shoot it at and I will be satisfied lol. found a party!There is a big Masquerade ball on November 1st the day after Halloween that I really really want to go to in Seattle. So I probably will do that hmmmmmm…….

I am frikking tired from all that walking around seattle I am going to take a rest and then my niteflirts lines will be on. OMG I had so much fun yesterday! I serisoulsly had 7 drooling boys watching me on cam  repeating religiously click pay stroke hahahaha over and over again! mmmmm and now I have a ps3 on the way! hahahaha YES!

I forgot to mention, I have a shoot in Seattle today so I wont be back till later tonight!

Is anyone else having a problem with them right now? Its so strange in WA they are invading my house really bad they are everywhere! I know they cant harm you but IM SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO VACUUM THEM UP RIGHT NOW! They are everywhere and its kinda gross! I have never seen them this bad before. I dont know whats attracting them or how they are getting inside any ideas/tips??

My trainer just sent this in part of her monthly newsletter!

"Well, this month I have pondered how most of us will weather the economic storm that has been brewing over the past few weeks, and I know that many people are tightening their wallets so that they have some money for the next rainy day.  But, keep in mind that this is a time to continue "doing business as usual".  In order for the economy to continue to move – even if it’s slowly – we must spend money.  Please don’t disconnect your cable, shut down your internet, cancel the newspaper, or deny yourself the occasional latte.  If you want  people to continue using your services, then you must continue using theirs!  We will survive, just as we have in the past and will in the future."

The group has been suspended but in all honesty,  some of you were using it incorrectly anyways the group was NOT set up for you to practice blackmailing and I do believe that is why it was deleted. Someone posted an entry  attempting to flat out blackmail someone and the  person must have reported it. I have a plan though. Jen I’m going to email ya!