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Monthly Archives: December 2009

You know I couldnt go without dropping off some new shit and saying goodbye to 2009. I went through alot in my personal life this past year as some of you know from little chats and my private blog post and I am looking forward to growing as a person in the year to come. I have madezero mistakes in 2009 everything I did was just a stepping stone. I have a very bright future planned and I usually get what I want so I am sure everything will work out well. I have made a list of goals and things I want to accomplish for the new year. Im a super hard worker as you can tell lol so theres alot I want to get done. I have switched gears completely and my main focus this year was managing my c4s stores and man did that fucking pay off! Call me what you want say whatever you like but my checks dont hear you haters lol  I hate sitting at the computer chopping it up on yahoo to a bunch of idiots who have no intentions of paying I have a life and it does not consist of sitting in front of the computer talking all day and I HATE CAM SHOWS BUT I love luring the boys in with all my amazing clips and they are just going to keep getting better. SOOOOO excited! I cant explain how much fun I had on c4s this past year

I have created a brand new yahoo messenger which I will be giving out to those deserving and I will be using my other yahoo (thegoddesstierra) For whenever I decide to log in for cam which is NEVER so don’t get your hopes up hahaha If you didnt get me an xmas gift or didnt even bother to stop by and say hello then dont be looking for an email with my new yahoo addy hahahaha pretty much everyone’s getting cut except for those of you who made my XMAS amazing you all know who you are!

I have heard mixed reviews about the whole c4s membersite thing BUT Im going to give it a try this year. I would much rather keep everything together anyways I hardly ever update my website it is nicely built and I still get lots of traffic there but my c4s store is visited way more why not just do the membersite there and give it a try huh? So that’s what I will also be doing in the next few days. Which means fun cam shows and things for members yea I will do cam there for sure but on my terms and doing what I want 🙂

The man and I spent a few hours working on some clips hahahaha some never got finished because we got "caught up" in the middle of filming so we turned the cam off hahaha but we managed to knock out 2 1/2 I will have to edit the 1/2 clip down because it got out of control LOL I also made some clips for my main store  to celebrate the new year!

and have fun with this one hahahaha my man and I both humiliate your sorry excuse for a dick mmm just wait till I get him to take his shirt off for a clip Im sure your manhood will be crushed just from the site LOL

Thats coming tomorrow afternoon!

I kinda rambled through this blog it is new years eve and of course i have plans. We have dinner reservations downtown at 10:30 overlooking the water and then we are going to ring in the new years on the waterfront together…alone 🙂 Im so ready for 2010 I hope everyone has a great safe night!

I guess that little break wasn’t so little hehehe I am well OVER busting my c4s record as you guys bust your credit cards and your losers loads hahahaha you must have all been sooo very lonely on xmas and the last few days because sales were RIDICULOUS! Holding it down at #11!!! I woke up this morning with already 97 purchases and I haven’t even posted the 2 new clips

I am so pleased with sales hahaha I couldnt be happier. The BF and I are working on the new store its up but now we are working on uploading all of our old clips and some new stuff. You might just pass out from this hahaha. We are spending New Years at the hot tub spa probably in Seattle which should be fun Im not really one of those party people who stands in the cold with drunk people watching a little fireworks show HOW LAME lol I would much rather spend some quiet time alone with my man.After our little sex fest thats been going on since xmas morning I am walking weird now hahahaha I need a rest LOL He is putting my pole up in the living room today woooot!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! I am definitely going to be MIA the next few days my BF will be here in 4 hours I am way to excited! I was generous enough to uppload a few clips

and one of my new favorites because it was geared towards pocket puppet LOL 

Self Destruction

Whoever scooped this hot dress off my wishlist kudos to you because it is fucking HOT!

Im so nice huh? hahaha lets see what you boys do while I am chilling away from the computer for a few days hmmmmm

I gotta get back to cooking byeee!

ps. I made a Holiday rip off clip today and realized I hated it for various reason including the dvds laying on the floor and the bag in the background I know Im such a perfectionist  I refuse to upload bullshitty crappy clips even if it was a rip off video. My slutty santa outfit was cute perhaps I will put it to use next year

 I have a bunch of errands to run but I wanted to make this post before I take off! I spent until 1am doing a little pre cooking and mopping all the floors in my house and at like midnight when everything was done drying i dropped a brand new bottle of purple nail polish on my tile ughhhh how irritating i got the majority of it up but I need to pick up paint thinner and go over it one more time. I was so annoyed!! I made my pies last night blackberry & raspberry, & pumpkin and I started making my greens my grandma told me to do what she calls "poor boiling" and start them then freeze them…I guess hahahaha my house smells excellent already. My xmas dinner menu is:
Ham  chicken stuffed with asparagus and parmesan cheese greens  cornbread sausage stuffing tomato stuffed with shrimp and crab yams baked macaroni hmmm I know I am forgetting something…..
So I am pretty busy this week preparing for all of this. an hour ago the UPS lady came and dropped off a 26lb box from alberto I was anxious sooooo anxious to open it. After he made that awesome coffin for halloween we agreed he would make me something cool for every holiday… I posted a bunch of stuff on twitter but LJ is being retarded as usual and not letting me upload my images I took so check out my twitter for the pics I absolutely LOVE my xmas gift from alberto. I get excited everytime I get a gift but this wow it took some serious time. alberto must have got A’s in art class hahah  
The majority of the stuff under my tree is for other people during xmas dinner but now most of it is alllllll mine *evil grin* not to mention I now have 2 fully stuffed stockings not including the one my parents give me every year and my gmas famous xmas stocking hahah that means a total of 4 for me!!!…yup im spoiled My tree looks amazing now. I decided not to open anything else up until xmas because he spent so much time on this I just feel I suppose I can wait haha

I already opened the 100+ boxes from last week I suppose I can wait a few days to open these 🙂  I didnt make any new clips today and I am not sure about tomorrow either but I did make a few over the weekend

and yes I did cut my hair ughhhh long story 😦 but it will grow back eventually I kinda like it anyways I slept all weekend and fucked with pocket puppets wallet whenever I rolled over he was easily waiting for me to drain him hahaha and WOW judging by this weekend sales

(screen capped at like 6pm saturday)
and my current ranking at #11 I believe that clip buying is a REAL addiction and it just gets tougher and tougher to stay away from my store hahahaha Now I am off to mail off the red bikini I wore in my boob birthday clip $150 bucks for a bikini i paid zero dollars for…not bad I say….not bad… LJ keeps fucking up my format damn they suck!
People always ask me where I get my ideas for all of these damn videos that suck your last few dollars up hahaha from you all of course sillies! Im always paying very good attention during conversations and emails. You will never know it because you are stuck on sub mode when speaking to me mmmmm my responses even the smallest little message or email from me just makes things worse for you. Everything you say WILL be used against you, thats just the way I work. I take your little weaknesses and throw them right back in your face 10x’s harder than before by popping out a pretty much custom clip that you cant help but buy because its directed right at you then the others who feel the same way buy it up like the addicts you all are and look at me I have fucked you over again and pulled you deeper into my little trap its a win win for us all isnt it? Thanks for being my inspiration boys now heres some more fuck you up material coming tonight and early tomorrow!

Im really happy my video posted yesterday hasnt been pulled and I dont think it will because this site has an "adult filter" which is awesome! Now that I have found a legit site to post vids too I might start doing previews again I really enjoyed making them it was always something I did for fun but I dunno these days im popping out so many clips it would be hard to keep up maybe I will do like 1 a week or something with all the clips from the week..we will see.

I have some really fun exciting shit coming up on c4s a brand new store with brand new content. I havegot so many messages asking when my man and I are going to do more Beast & His Beauty clips which we tried to mainly keep candid because it was fun we did a bunch of cuckold stuff but most of the clips were candid clips of us just doing what we do having fun and THEY STILL SALE like crazy! It was just a fun little adventure in our relationship.Something else for us to enjoy doing together. We are going to be doing a photo shoot together once hes home because hes fucking HOT and I regret us not taking pics before I have always wanted to shoot with a hot model thankfully I have been blessed with a studly tattooed sexpot for a man hahaha o yea he treats me good too LOL anyways we have our own little store in the works and plan to work on it the week after hes back hahah told you guys I wont be taking too much of a break from clips just long enough to get some really good uninterrupted sex in yeaaaaaaa cant wait LOL I am sure this store is going to be awesome. I am sure its going to cause a stir in this little LJ community but honestly I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to not be in these little category things. I am myself I dont fit in a box…obviously and wish not to be compared to others…Im enjoying myself and thats what really matters HOLLLER hahaha just kidding I never fucking say that word LOL

in other news pocket puppet has no idea yet….HE DOES NOW I used his cash to pay for my pole extension and vaulted ceiling adapter which means my pole will be up soon cant wait!!!!!

Thanks to Lyne’s recent tweets Im going to Wendy’s tonight for dinner I dont know why when I just spent $400 at the grocery store you would think I would make something to eat from the fridge huh? LOL

Just for fun I have uploaded one of my OLD ass preview vids lol I am looking back at all the little editing stuff I used to do cause I forgot how to do it all

Oh how the hating continues ya know some people just dont get it hahahahah My Preview clip was uploaded to a very "sketchy" "femdomme" site earlier today and 10 minutes later it was deleted and I was completely BLOCKED and banned from the entire server WOW people are so childish. I bet the person running the site is hoping for a little plug from my blog but fuck that LOL no free advertisement here. I bet you just keep hitting refresh waiting for me to say a name hahaha nooooope All Im saying is, the site was almost not as crappy and cluttered as all the other sites so I had no clue it was yours  – If I would have known it was owned by a drama queen I would have never even signed up there. My apologies for uploading my hot ass preview video to your site. I truly wonder if these "women" realize how silly they look tsk tsk moving right along…… HERE IT IS AGAIN! I dont know much about this site so watch it before its pulled yet again! You guys know how I roll my videos dont last very long before they get deleted haha

I have 2 new clips ready one is up already and Im sure its going to be a hitter!!

Ya know sometimes I really wonder about this little community I dont even like being in the same category as some of these people ick Im myself a spoiled Ebony Goddess!

oh boy…

I found this really interesting….

richard contacted me last night "saying" he was buying the imac last night then he would "go away" forever of course I knew something was up and of course the imac never was purchased why the fuck did he even bother to message me. he turned out to be a lying motherfucker like everyone else…sad…Its truly a shame that someone that was "one of my own" can be so stupid. I cant believe how many times richard has lied to me now. Its disappointing…I told him to go play in traffic….I meant it from the bottom of my heart. Now hes butt hurt because I told him how I truly felt about him I literally dont care what happens to you…Did you think i really cared after what you just did to me in the last 2 weeks? hahaha How dare you play games with me and think I would be "nice" to you I guess I hit pretty close to home with the traffic comment I MEANT IT and I DO NOT take it back I guess that really is "what i am like" in your words I hope your therapist can help you cause you turned out to be one fucked up lying loser!

and now you all see why I have no desire to sit on yahoo and chit chat what is the point?

Nap time!

Im having way too much fun…

I drank redbull and now im wide awake. I havent made a preview video in what seems like forever and tonight I have been working on one. I found this hilarious though….


I just now finally got all my gifts unwrapped hahaha took me all day I had to take little breaks in between. Since I moved closer to family the last few times I had big hauls my 7yr old brother would usually help me open up stuff but he has school today and there was a lot of sex related items in this haul sooooo that wouldnt have been a good idea lol so I opened them all up on my own and even made a new "wishlist Chronicles" clip to go along with it. My house is a disaster right now my puppies would take all the paper and anything their 2lb bodies could carry and rip it to shreds lol I cant even get mad at them. Its funny you would think all the money I have spent on toys they would actually play with their toys but instead they play with cardboard boxes, paper, my socks, the recyclables – pretty much anything thats not a dog toy haha I have my hands full with these 2. They have pictures with Santa on Sunday at the pet store Im way to excited to see how they turn out ahaha. I purposely made it so people couldnt comment on my last entry with those 2 insanely hot images in them so instead my emails were full of comments I get it, you THINK IM HOT 🙂 They are pretty good pics but just wait till the magazine hits stores hahahaha I cant wait to personally sign a bunch of copies, OVERCHARGE for them and then ship them out to everyone…yup I can do that cause I am ME! Gosh I have so much to do before Christmas. I am having people over for dinner which I am cooking by the way since I am an excellent cook 🙂 I am really thinking of hiring a molly maid service to come out and clean because I really dont have time for all of this. As you can tell videos are coming slower than usual because I am busy busy but sales hehehe are still amazing! Check out the new clips!
Its and awesome clip but I am most happy with the lighting lol I am such a perfectionist and I got it just right in this one Look at me I am literally sitting in the middle of a shit load of prezzies hahaha! and coming later….theres always a later duhhh…

I finally put my bed together ummm took me about what 4months hahaha my leather headboard was all dusty sitting in the garage how terrible. I really want new dressers and stuff I still have my brown ones from my wishlist they are like 1 1/2 yrs old not very old but they DO NOT match and of course I am not paying for new ones hehehehe anyways time to find something for dinner I had pizza for lunch I am finally taking advantage of living in the heart of downtown and found an amazing pizza place like a block away from my house AND I found a spa around the corner and they accept Spa finder giftcards which are on my wishlist I want one!!!!!!! hmmm I might have pizza again I am PMSing and when its that time of the month I LOVE me some pizza!

**Apparently richards therapist couldnt keep him away for too long damn loser you lasted just a few days now you are buying my clips make up your fucking mind! All that bullshit you spewed about looking for someone to love you hahahahahah ROFL i literally almost pissed my pants from laughter IM YOUR FUCKING THERAPIST!

I thought I would drop this off too…

You get just one….

hahaha my nakkie brown skin you will NEVER have
OK and this one…

actually now that I am looking at these I am glad I got rid of my extensions!