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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes 🙂 My birthday actually kinda sucked but thats a whole other story for a different day lol I ended the night with 13 shots of tequilla yummmmmy I should not have lived through that hahaha needless to say I had the WORST hangover ever the next day any time I heard someone mention anything about liquor I wanted to vomit and did a few times 😦 all of my boys came through this year with very special gifts from each and everyone of them I was very happy!
I finally took a few pics of my awesome tattoo richard paid for as my bday gift! I really need to get someone to take a pic for me. I have been getting request to do photoshoots lately since the weather is nice but I am not planning on doinganything until my sleeve tat is complete and also the stars I have on my hip I am getting enlarged and having them go up the curve on my side its going to be sexy yessssss!

The pics are hella dark and what not because ehhhhh…..long story I will save for the end of this blog haha

EVERYONE and their mom likes to grab my arm now haha I loveeeeeee it! Its going to be amazing once its complete I think 5 sessions should do it! We got the outline done and some shading in 3 1/2 hours not bad! My next appointment is May 22nd.

I was wondering who was buying all of the sexy lingerie items from my wishlist turns out I have another secret shopper by the name of peter oOoOoOoh peter come out come out and play hahaha I now have even more sexy little outfits to tease the fuck out you boys in! I havent been putting much emphasize on wishlist purchases because I have met my goal on there in purchased items and my owned boys know that money talks hahaha but I STILL loveeeee getting surprise gifts in the mail, in fact I think I am going to add a bunch of random household items to my list later today, I mean why the fuck should I have to pay for all the stupid stuff like laundry detergent, toilet paper, soap etc……..your boys can do it! Maybe I need to assign a household bitch eh? any takers???

Over the past week I have been watching one of you slowly crumble hahaha boys who think they can run away and resist my power always ALWAYS ALWAYS come back to me. hahahaha and to think, you really thought jesus was going to protect you from my manipulative little giggle uhhhh I dont think so. So superfan or superloser super retard or what the fuck did Lindsay end up naming your old ass? hahaha anyways I know your becoming weaker, frantically buying up all of my videos that you have missed in the last 5 months hahaha keep adding to cart and then hit one of your favorite places ever!

My Wish List

mmmmmmmm its going to be just like old times fucking you over and over and …over again! Indulge!

So Im pretty irritated or was until I decided that I was going to go spend mikeys giftcard he sent me for my bday at the mall and then come home and make a big order with pocket puppets paypal hahahah YES!!!! I finally got my computer up and running and I am still working on getting the programs back but some stuffs just not working for me 😦 My image editior I would have used to brighten my tat pics is an upgraded version I really dont like so I dont know my way around it and my BIGGEST problem is that I have made 2 sexy videos that I really want to get uploaded but if you remember when I first got my badass $2g canon camcorder I had a hard time finding software to transfer my clips with and now the software I did have has magically vanished aka lost by someone I let borrow it grrrrr! Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of 30 days of denial so I really need to go get a new video capture device damnitt! Im actually really excited about the start of the new 30 days series!!!! I have received tons of emails from people I have never heard from who are anticipating the start and eager to get going which is exciting!! I am hoping I can find what I need tonight and get those clips up!

Someone has been leaving nasty little comments on my blog about how I "edit" all my pics and alter my apperance hahaha pretty sure its a chick but whatever haha my modeling images are duhhhhh edited of course except for the images that I sell on my site but the images I post in my blog are right from my cam some brightened if needed but sorry to tell you this anon commentor….I AM just that damn perfect 😉 These are right from my macbook cam, dont you just love those =)

Look I even have a zit on my chin examine it hahaha find an imperfection cause Im sure your looking
I hardly ever update this blog I know you boys like to keep up with me I still am always updating my twitter haha I know Lindsay hatttes twitter hahaha but really its a convenient little internet addiction much easier than typing this out plus I can update it all day right from my cell phone

follow me

EDIT:: 3 new clips added to for you to download!!

I think officially my computer is ruined I cant even edit videos on it anymore and it doesnt stay on for longer than 5mins at a time and then it shuts itself off BOOOOOO 😦 I made a special birthday clip and have been trying all week to get it uploaded but I think I wont be getting it up in time…. I did manage to pop out 1 more new clip before it stopped working.

im going to take my computer down this coming up week to the person who built it and have them fix it and also pick up all my birthday gifts from the post office hahaha I got an email saying I had "excessive"  mail lol so I need to pick up soon. I will probably head down there tomorrow night or soething I havent decided.

I did go get my tattoo started yesterday thanks to richard who paid $1,000 towards it 🙂 I will be posting pics later I havent really got a good one yet. 

and the panties in the first clip are up for auction! Im anxious to watch you boys fight for my perfection!!!

I am still waiting for the winners of last weeks auction to pay up which is fucking annoying it only makes me want to not add anymore auctions up. It says in my auction description payment is due 48hrs of the auction closing. Today was my day I was going to mail all that stuff off along with richards slave box and now I am waiting on a bunch of dumbass’s to pay up grrrrrr! irritating! I am a very impatient person and HATE waiting on other people!

I think I may work on another clip or 2 and then head out to the mall, its GORGEOUS outside today!!! I ended up spending a couple 100 bucks at one of my favorite stores the other day I forgot what it was like shopping in the mall like that I usually stick to the online shopping these days. Now mikey is sending me a giftcard to that store so i can do it all over again YAY!!! Another perfect birthday gift. He wanted to be the only one to send this kinda gift so I will share the link to the giftcards later so the rest of you can spoil me hard at one of my favorite stores.
pocket puppet and actually all of the rest of you, the week is almost over, my birthday is sunday DO NOT FUCK UP! 

So I havent been around as much lately due to my computer having a nasty nasty virus 😦 it sucksss BUT, I have been enjoying the rare little bit of sunshine we have here in WA and hanging out with friends. I know you boys have your panties all bunched up but I will worry about getting the virus fixed soon. For now I am using my mac which I do love I just dont use it as much. My birthday is coming up pretty quick its time for you all to make sure your gifts are on their way!!!!! Do not disappoint me this month and start slacking with tributes! slave richard and alberto got their gifts in early with richards $1K IN FUNds and my brand new flat screen from alberto things are going great. TO THE REST OF YOU! SEND ME MY MONEY!!!!!!

My Wish List

Looks like Ive hooked a new little obsessed boy to use. Good job on the tributes tom look in your niteflirts mail and pay every paymail I send you!
 Before you all freak out, we all know my Tease and denial clips are usually priced higher, this one is really hot but the first 30 seconds or so are distorted. Theres still audio but the beginning it looks like I am talking and moving behind a picture after this little problem the video is still a cruel sexy tease and this time you cheap fuckers can afford it!
Real Quick before I head to the movies!! NEw clip with me counting richards birthday tribute and showing off another birthday gift from alberto! My birthday month is going good!

ps. I saw some interesting names pop up in my clip purchases today hmmmmm

Its literally been FOREVER since my last auction binge! I used to always always always have tons of auctions going on Selling on there is fun but I got tired of taking so many pictures and stuff and always wanted the pics to be perfect so I got annoyed with it all and took a long break from selling but even though the weather says otherwise it is officially spring cleaning time!!! So far I have 2 auctions up and will be adding more later today maybe or in a few days.

Goddess Tierra’s worn stockings w/ a video


4 year old worn shoes!


I bought the domain the other day, right now its redirected to my clips store Im not sure what I am going to do with it yet but I am sure in the future there will be something coming!
ummm as soon as I find richard the video will be up on NF’s. Nf’s vids have been selling like crazy. Im glad I added a bunch of them!…I need a new juicy track suit asaNOWWWW! pocket  puppet would be forced to do it right now but his card isnt working on amazon so i am taking all his money via paypal and spending it on on ebay and music on itunes…I could really just download any song I wanted hahaha but Im paying for them today just because I can 🙂
shop shop shop! I hate when my list goes over 200 unpurchased!

My Wish List

OMG its killing me…who stepped it up and bought my TV off my wishlist? Just got a phone call and it will be delivered on wednesday YAY!!!!!

So never ever would I have thought I would actually ever meet these guys. I knew we were going to have good seats for the concert and some kind of VIP stuff but as soon as we got there, it was a different story. Not to sound like a groupie but I had tons of fun. These guys were so down to earth and fun to hang out with.
Im not to sure that any of the girls I went with really knew too much about these guys so I was a little disappointed in that lol but these guys play for Late night with Jimmy Falon so seeing them in concert like this is going to be rare now!

I was way to happy to take this pic lol


somehow we ended up on stage at the end
So that was fun I think the girls I was with are driving out to the portland show tonight lol I will be home 🙂
I got surprised with VIP/Backstage tickets to see The Roots tonight….ONE OF MY FAVORITE GROUPS EVER!!!

Peace Out Bitches!

mmmmmmm lately they have been lovely! Tons of random things have been purchased off my wishlist and the stuff at the post office was stacking. I had someone stop by and check my mail today since im waiting for something super important from richard to come in. A few items that came in today were purchased by a little secret shopper too nervous and too shy to contact me lol probably so sure of himself that he wouldnt be able to handle me hahaha anyways secret shopper "g" time for round 2

My Wish List

I bet you are dying to see me in that tiny bikini…me too, its hot!

another secret driveby scaredy cat…

I really woke up to this little surprise… rolled out of bed, half asleep

so mystery boy, I wanna wake up to more…..gimme gimme gimme!

New Boob Worship Clip…

I love my $7500 investments hahaha and so do YOU! I wanted to get this clip done today kinda as a before and after I decided today where my next piercing is going to be… BRACE YOURSELF I dont know anyone who has this one so I am not sure about the pain all I know is its going to look cool! I was going to get another facial piercing but decided not to mess with my face anymore lol

I also added a bunch of the new clips to my Niteflirts vids section…