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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Heres my version kinda yes I was drinking already hahaha

I really cannot begin to describe just how grateful I am to have been able to make it back home safe and in one piece! I booked my trip to mexico way before I knew what was going on out there with the drug war and everyday it got worse. I was pissed because I had no phone service and the internet was slow as hell I was barely able to communicate with my family. On the way back I was stuck in dallas for hours and hours not even knowing when I was going to make it home because of the tornadoes out there 😦 There were some people whos flights are delayed until Tuesday I was lucky enough to get a flight home about 16hrs after I was supposed to be home.

The trip was kinda fun I am not the type of person who goes to the clubs alot so I was definitely out of my element because clubbing is what everyone did everynight a few of us would sneak off to the beach when we got tired of dancing and just hang out for the rest of the night, thats my idea of fun. Dont get me wrong though, I WAS tearing it up on the dance floor dancing on bars and in cages hahaha. The guys that were with us never paid to get into the clubs Im pretty convinced it was thanks to my amazing smile…..ehhh syke! Im sure it was because of my boobs haha People thought I was famous because one of my friends I was with definitely looked like he could have been my bodyguard and he acted like one to keep the lame ass cant dance college boys off me ewwww guys that dont know how to dance is a turn off for sure! All in all the trip was an experience and I dont think i will be hopping on a plane for a long time unless its to somewhere close like Vegas Im done with airports for now! Here are some pics! Sorry fiasco….you  know I had planned to take mini monkster on all my trips but he wouldnt fit in my suitcase this time 😦

beach ready in March

totally candid shot hahaha I was watching the guy behind me

Me and my friend Ash

Us and the boys

it was soooooo hot and I love that hat

at the boys hotel room ready to hit the beach

the beach is gorgeous!

there was a storm coming in I think

senor frogs is supposed to be famous I think

Thanks so much to everyone who sent me messages wishing me a safe return I appreciate it! Those of you following me on twitter knew after the first night I came back and purchased a ticket to come home for various reason but ended up having to stay to keep my friend from being the only girl.

anyways im back and very happy to be Im going to be picking up my mail and stuff in the next couple of days from Monroe but besides that I will be here  to take cash from you idiots! I have a shit load of videos from the trip my friends are waiting for me to upload so i will be around working on those! Message me on yahoo!
oh ps. fox….thanks for the random giftcards send me more you can do better!

I ran out of time to do a real post and send out emails before I leave so heres a quick bye to everyone! I have been soooo busy with getting everything together before I left I just ran out of time! I will post once I get to Mexico!! Im excited! I also got my twitter working on my blackberry again so I will be updating that often while I am gone.

I also uploaded a few of my clips to niteflirts the other day and more will be added when I return. buy them HERE

people are lame hahaha I dont even look 100lbs in that pic why is it that everytime someone steals my pics the person puts down a description that says they weigh way less than my actual weight and that they are shorter than I really am. Couldnt they atleast make it believable?? Has anyone had a problem with this on niteflirts? How do i go about getting this fake profile removed?

I really think I have had enough partying for awhile which doesn’t really say much because Im leaving for mexico in like 3 days and my only intentions are to PARTY hahaha but after I come back i think Im going to be done for a month. Last night was one of my friends birthday so we all got dressed up and went to this fancy restaurant….the food SUCKED hahaha the waiter probably hated me because I let him know I wasn’t satisfied but at least the restaurant was really decorated nice with a river flowing through the middle but for $50 a plate I was expecting the food to at least be good lol I snapped a few shots of course I was really liking my hair & makeup and my boots were hot! Someone bought those off my wishlist last summer, finally wore them! The only pair of over the knee boots I have that I actually like!

Im always wearing black….ALWAYS lol
oh and this pic hahaha her shoes were hot too!

Tonight Im going to finish organizing my closet I of course ran out of space with all the clothes I have but I need to figure out what Im going to do with all this stuff before I leave Saturday.
This might be the last vid before I peace out and leave you all lonely for 5 days

since loser sissy pants vinyl pet bought me a small camcorder to take with me to Mexico I hope I can get tons of videos out there!!!

Alot of you have been asking if I was going to post any of my fetish clips on NF’s well, here ya go! For the longest time they didnt allow me to upload anything so hopefully I will be able to keep uploading clips there. I will add to this list later…
Fetish Clips

I have been having way too much fun playing with the animation previews haha This clip will upload sometime in the next 24 hours I just wanna see how many of you refresh my store looking for it!

Ive been soooo busy lol

and this one which I wasnt going to upload until tomorrow, 30 days of denial is coming back!! I really had fun with that series but cut it short when I figured out people were ripping off the idea and doing the same series at the same time VERY VERY lame 😦 anyways the 30 days series will start back up May 1st heres your warning…

Im not sure if I have posted this link in here before but some dumbass emailed me saying that I "should" make an ipod/.mov store on c4s…..I already have one and you can all thank richard the working bitch I dont think he’s going to upload the clips I make this week till next week while on vacation soaking up the sun!
a store just for those of you who need clips in .mov and .mp4 format.

Ive got to make a quick dinner and head to the airport to pick up a friend!!!

My actual post for today was going to go a little something like this before I was interrupted…

I found these pics from the hairshow I modeled in last weekend

wayyyy too much fun! The group of models that my friend chose for her entry were fun! The guy looking at me in the second pic is some comedian dude. I think hes famous or something…

and, Im loving this right now

I want one!! Im seriously debating purchasing "bad bambi"or "liquid peril" Im really in search of original art work to decorate my new place with.

Without adoubt my all time favorite fetish..Theres something about the whole tease and getting you dumbos all worked up seeing the frustration and then denying you of a simple release…stripping away that one thing you lovvve to do so much! I didnt realize how much people enjoyed my t&d clips until I started getting traffic from sites devoted to just this fetish. The reviews I got were awesome!

This video started out as just a jerkoff instruction vid complete with a countdown but as I started to countdown pffftt I realized you fuckers dont deserve shit! hahahah enjoy yet another hot Tease and Denial clip from the Queen of T&D Goddess Tierra!

probably my new favorite! Buy it, you know your going to anyways hahaha